Carbon Fibre products

One of the hottest looks that can be made to a vehicle actually improves the performance of your car. Carbon fibre body panels are becoming popular.

What is Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre is a weave of carbon fibres joined together to construct a flexible but light and very strong material that is stronger than steel.

One of the easiest panels to fit is a new carbon fibre bonnet. They come tailor made for you car with predrilled holes for the hinges, catches and windscreen washer jets. If you need to drill carbon fibre yourself you should cover it with tape and drill from the top down to avoid splintering, some people place a block of wood underneath but with a high speed drill setting this is not always necessary. When drilling carbon fibre panels be very cautious check and recheck your measurements and use large sheets of paper as a pattern to double check.

There is no reason why you cannot paint a carbon fibre panel and just fit it for the extra strength and light weight properties but most people prefer to show off the carbon fibre weave pattern.

Carbon fibre wings are the next easiest to fit and are often a bolt off and bolt on the new panel proposition. Expect to have to remove the front bumper also in most cases as the wings come off easier.

What are the benefits

Carbon fibre panels are substantially lighter and bonnets can sometime flex at speed as the air gets underneath them so fitting motorsport style fasteners either side of the bonnet will help fix this and allow you to remove the bonnet release catch at the front freeing up a little extra space for air flow into the engine bay.

Carbon fibre body kits are rare but certainly gaining popularity, Thats why Constant Fibreglass can offer you custom made Carbon Fibre car body panels. Companies such as Audi are fitting carbon fibre strips inside the dashboard and a number of aftermarket options are now available .

Recent Carbon Fibre Projects

Recent Projects

Some of our recent fibreglass projects.

Hitachi high speed train with a seriously damaged front nose cone.

Replacement panels for BMW Touring car

Full fibreglass refurbishment to a Peel Micro car.

GRP coating of pipe used in manufacturing process.