Train And Locomotive Fibreglass Repairs

Repairs on trains and rolling stock happen quite often. Do not despair Constant Fibreglass are train and rolling stock repair specialists.

Fibreglass Train Repairs - What Happens Next?

Once you have contacted us with the details of the train repair that you require, we will give you a rough estimate for the work that needs to be carried out, a photo of the train damage would be useful to get a more accurate estimate of the cost. if all is acceptable we would then arrange a convenient time to make a site visit.

Fibreglass Train Repairs - Once on Site

On the agreed date we arrive on site and begin work to repair the train or rolling stock damage. Firstly using specialist fibreglass tools and equipment we mark and cut out the damaged area of the train or rolling stock. With the train damage now removed we prepare the area for new material, we re-laminate the area and fix back in place, this is then held in place with special epoxy glue and riveted, filled and sanded to give a smooth area that can now have a quality finish applied. The area is now Painted (water based dupont hydro top coat) to correspond to the original colouring so that area blends in with the original and can not be distinguished from the original.

Fibreglass Train Repairs - How Long Does it Take?

Most train damage can be fixed and repaired fairly quickly and we can have the train or rolling stock back on track within two - three days, this obviously depends on the extent of the train damage and how quickly we can gain access to the damaged Train.

Fibreglass Train Repairs - Need our service?

Now you know what we offer in respect of train and rolling stock damage, you also know how we repair the train or rolling stock back to looking as good as new. If you need more information or a quote then please contact us.

Recent Train And Locomotive Fibreglass Repairs

Train And Locomotive Fibreglass Repairs Train And Locomotive Fibreglass Repairs

Recent Projects

Some of our recent fibreglass projects.

Hitachi high speed train with a seriously damaged front nose cone.

Replacement panels for BMW Touring car

Full fibreglass refurbishment to a Peel Micro car.

GRP coating of pipe used in manufacturing process.