GRP Fibreglass Coating

GRP fibreglass coating is an abbreviated term for 'Glass Re-inforced Plastic' coating. Your source object is prepared and then coated with a resin layer and then a surface veil. This combination gives excellent corrosion resistance and durability at an economic cost. This also gives the original piece a unique combination of chemical resistance, size stability, high strength, and thermal, electric nonconductivity.

GRP Coating Types

GRP coating can be done using a variety of resins depending on the intended application. Polyester is suitable for most industrial GRP coating applications. Vinylester affords improved corrosion resistance and physical properties to the GRP coating. Epoxy offers far superior thermal stability and corrosion resistance to the GRP coating. GRP fire retardent (class 1) improves fire performance and smoke emissions as does Phenolic (class 0) which maximises the fire performance of the GRP coating and is offered as an alternative.

GRP Coating Usage

GRP coating in its many types can be used in a wide range of applications such as GRP coated angles, GRP coated box section, GRP coated channel, GRP coated I-Beam, GRP coated Wide flange beam, GRP coated Tube, GRP coatedRods and GRP coated Flat Bars. This is not an exhaustive list and we are always meeting the challenges of GRP coating new products every day.

GRP Coating Colours

Part of the GRP coating process allows the item to be finished off with a light textured (flowcoated) exterior finish. These finishes all are offered in a full range of BS4800 and RAL colours.

Need Something GRP Coated?

Should you have any requirements for bespoke GRP coating then we would welcome the opportunity to offer you a quotation. You made to have a bespoke item (eg. cabinet) fibreglass moulded and then GRP coated this also is quite commom and we can offer a moulded service which assists in producing these items.

Recent GRP Fibreglass Coating Projects

GRP Fibreglass Coating Projects GRP Fibreglass Coating Projects

Recent Projects

Some of our recent fibreglass projects.

Hitachi high speed train with a seriously damaged front nose cone.

Replacement panels for BMW Touring car

Full fibreglass refurbishment to a Peel Micro car.

GRP coating of pipe used in manufacturing process.