Fibreglass GRP Marine Repairs

Constant Fibreglass can offer a flexible and professional service for all marine GRP (Glass Re-inforced Plastic) repairs. We are able to provide fast and efficient repairs to any boat, on-site can be arranged therefore minimising any disruption to your racing or cruising calendar.

GRP Marine Repairs

We can use our extensive moulding experience to make repairs to your boat. GRP decks can suffer from extensive wear and tear in a racing or cruising season. Deck paint is traditionally the first product used to enhance and replace grip on deck but can often peel and deteriorate in the various seasonal weather conditions. Often applied in a hurry as the craning in date rapidly approaches.

Constant Fibreglass can provide a different solution to deck paint on GRP boats. For those that would benefit from a harder finish, we are able to apply a polyester based gel system, which comes pre textured. This behaves just as a gel coat does and because the grip is a GRP component integral to this product as it wears it does not expose the underside to moisture penetration. This system can be pigmented to a colour of your choice

Marine Repairs - Need our service?

Now you know what we offer in respect of marine damage, you also know how we can repair the boat or yacht back to looking as good as new. If you need more information or a quote then please contact us.

Recent Fibreglass Marine Repair Projects

Fibreglass Marine Repair Projects Fibreglass Marine Repair Projects

Recent Projects

Some of our recent fibreglass projects.

Hitachi high speed train with a seriously damaged front nose cone.

Replacement panels for BMW Touring car

Full fibreglass refurbishment to a Peel Micro car.

GRP coating of pipe used in manufacturing process.