About Constant Fibreglass Ltd

With over 40 years combined experiance we have gained a vast knowledge of the fibreglass industry. Pattern work, mould making and all fields of laminating, from pre-peg laminating to general hand lay up.

This has included making racing and kit car panels, panels for trains, repairing car body parts and train panels, making bus shelter roofs, seats and anti vandalism panels for bus shelters.

Production runs and one offs which have included work on the big G sign for Gucci store fronts in Europe. We have also changed standard car bonnets into light weight vented glassfibre ones for track day and race cars.

We also cast rubber parts and use silicone rubber moulds for the more intricate shapes

What can Constant Fibreglass offer you

With all our years in the fibreglass industry we pride ourselves in the various skill sets within the fibreglass trade that we have used, our project galleries testify to the variety and quality of our fibreglass work and to the varied methods we have had to use. We believe in a fair price for a fair job this means we will not inflate our prices and many small customers are surprised when we only quote a small amount for a small job as an example some small repairs to a boat can start from as little as 100, so do not be afraid to ask for a quote on your fibreglass repair you could be pleasantly surprised.

We are fibreglass specialists as mentioned above and below we list some of the areas that we could help you with, just a few of these are...

Recent Projects

Some of our recent fibreglass projects.

Hitachi high speed train with a seriously damaged front nose cone.

Replacement panels for BMW Touring car

Full fibreglass refurbishment to a Peel Micro car.

GRP coating of pipe used in manufacturing process.